American Family Travels

Like so many other couples, we thought we would have traveled more, but found it difficult once we had children. In 2010 we were not sure our kids, 7 and 5 at the time, were old enough for a serious road trip. We rolled the dice and took 18 days to visit New England and Eastern Canada.  They were amazing and it inspired us to plan and save for a cross country trip, aka “The Big Trip”, in 2013.  During our 24 state, 38 day, 8720 mile trek across the United States, we had plenty of time to discuss what would be next.

Well our list of places we’d like to see and share with our children has grown significantly. It has transitioned from a mental list of a few, to a written wish list of many, to a challenge… one we have accepted.  We have 20 trips, some quite modest and some quite grand, we would like to take in the next 10 years.  Beyond the money and time from work, minor issues ~, we are finding coordinating them with the kids school schedules, each different, to be a challenge.

I decided to chronicle some of these adventures partially for our relatives and close friends who are interested, but largely so our kids might someday remember the details of them.

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