So Much for Preparation… Time for Panic!

8 June 2016: London calling, a day early.

Today has not worked out like we planned. It is important to be flexible when travelling and today we are putting that to the test. A few months ago we had received several emails from the airline, Aer Lingus, about changes to our flights. I noticed the times were revised slightly and the terminal assignments changed but did not think too much of it.

So I dropped Elle off for her last day of school and went to work like we do most every morning. I logged on to the airlines website to verify the exact details for tomorrow and realized the plane leaves today!  The airline was of no help, they wanted to charge us fee increases and penalties that were in excess of what we originally paid for the flights. We decided it was go time.

Luckily we had most of the packing complete and work was flexible. It became a mad dash to get to the airport and make some changes to hotels and the rental car for our early arrival. We got here out of breath and just in time… when we found the flight was delayed 2 hours. Let’s hope the rest of the trip across the pond goes a bit smoother.

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