Dublin to Cork – Part 1


Pic 2016-0612 04 Leighlinbridge (6)

12 June 2016: The Road Less Travelled

Our first day of the actual road trip was quite pleasant. The weather cleared up and sunshine lit the fields and hills, this was the Ireland we were hoping to see.

We started by travelling south of Dublin with a stop in the coastal town of Wickalow. It was a quaint village with rocky cliffs against the sea. We thought this was an appropriate place to spread Cara’s Mother’s ashes. From there we drove into the interior to see the Irish countryside and rural towns. Every-so-often we would find remains of a castle, an old church or some other roadside attraction. One stop we made was in Fern to see their castle. Another stop was in Leighlinbridge which had a scenic… yes, you guessed it… bridge. With several unplanned stops, we found ourselves running behind schedule on our way to Kilkenny Castle.


Fern to Leighlinbridge


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