King John’s and Bunratty Castles

Pic 2016-0615 05 Limerick City (17) edit

15 June 2016: County Limerick

Today was full of adventure. The first half of the day was spent in County Limerick. We travelled north from Killarney to Limerick City where we walked about the city and visited King John’s Castle. Both were nice to see but neither could compare to some of our favorites to date.

Further down the road, we arrived at Bunratty Castle. First we had lunch at Durty Nelly’s directly adjacent to Bunratty. The castle itself was not as impressive as Blarney however this one was for the most part intact and furnished. The grounds had several examples of village buildings and few small goats. The castle allowed the kids to better understand how they lived and how it functioned. They were excited to investigate every nook and cranny and could leave no space unexplored; Mom and Dad on the other hand had seen enough in the first 30 minutes. With the threat of rain, we scampered up the road toward the Cliffs of Moher.

 Limerick City including King John’s Castle

Bunratty Castle

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