The Ring of Kerry


Pic 2016-0614 09 Ring of Kerry Waterville to KNP (67) edit

14 June 2016: Scenic Ireland in a Day

Today we tackled the renowned Ring of Kerry, a scenic drive in Southwestern Ireland. First we travelled west from Cork to Killarney with a few stops along the way including Macroom. From Killarney we drove the Ring counter clockwise, as suggested by most to avoid swimming upstream of the tour buses. If you ever take a tour bus around the Ring, my only advice is, sit on the right side.

The Ring of Kerry has sections that are amazing and others that are nice, but less amazing. The local tourism website suggests 3 to 6 days to complete the Ring. It can easily be done in a single day; in fact I’m not sure how you would spend that much time. We completed the Ring heading through the Killarney National Park, just south of town, and stopped for a hike near Torc Waterfall.

Macroom Castle

Ring of Kerry – Kells to Waterville

Ring of Kerry – Waterville to Killarney NP

Killarney National Park

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  1. Rena Wehner says:

    Beautiful scenery. Enjoying the blog. You should replace that old dude on UNC


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