Baltimore, Maryland

9 – 11 May 2017

Pic 2017-0510 Baltimore (34) edit

Cole and I took a quick trip to Baltimore to see the opening date of Metallica’s North American tour at M&T Field. It was a quick trip. We broke Cole out of school around noon and headed north. The next day we walked around the Inner Harbor area before the show with Danny who also drove in the night before. We did not get to see all of Baltimore but we did walk quite a bit around the area. And yes, we even ate at a Shake Shack!

Inner Harbor

Camden Yards

I have seen hundreds of bands live and I never got a drum stick, pick, set list, nothing that I can remember, but Cole in his first arena rock show got a guitar pick from Kirk Hammett! \m/


Thursday morning we had to get on the road early to make the 2nd annual Mother’s Day Weekend in Surf City.


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