Cars Land

19 June 2017

Pic 2017-0619 Disneyland (268) edit blog

Cars Land area of Disney California Adventure Park is the family favorite. We arrived when the park opened and stayed till it closed. The original Pixar ‘Cars’ movie was the first my daughter saw in a theatre. My son had a ‘Cars’ related cake for at least six birthdays. Until recently, his bedroom was decorated with ‘Cars’. To say the least, we are big fans. The recreation of Radiator Springs is incredible. There are only three rides. Radiator Springs Racers is our favorite in the entire park, a nice combination of Disney animatronics and thrill ride. Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is a new take on the classic teacup ride. Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters is a fun low impact ride that was a pleasant surprise. When the park opened it was Luigi’s Flying Tires which was a real dud. The new ride based on Cars 2 is made up of cars doing a nicely choreographed dance.

Animated remote controlled characters

Radiator Springs

Cars Land Rides


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2 Responses to Cars Land

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  2. Val says:

    So much fun!!


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