Oahu, Hawaii – Part 1

21 & 22 June 2017

Pic 2017-0622 02 Diamond Head (40) blog edit

The second part of our migration trip will be spent in Oahu, Hawaii. We had visited Oahu, Maui, and the “Big Island” of Hawaii before kids, so to some degree this is another redo for us. While I try not to repeat too much in our travels, normally opting to see something new, its Hawaii – a pretty easy sell.

Wednesday we travelled from LAX to Honolulu. Other than a short delay in boarding and having to get inventive when packing all our stuff into our rental car, it all went smoothly. Our hotel is perfectly situated on Kalakaua Avenue on Waikiki Beach, where all the action is. By the time we arrived and got checked in, the streets were hopping and most restaurants had waits over an hour so we ended up at another Subway for dinner and a walk.

Thursday we walked from our hotel to Diamond Head State Monument and then proceeded to hike to the top making for a 6-mile plus roundtrip. We did this hike our first time to Hawaii and we remembered it being pretty easy. 15 years later, I’m either much older or that mountain got a lot steeper!

With a break for lunch and a little shopping for beach supplies, we headed to Waikiki Beach to soak up the sun and waves.

We scheduled a luau for dinner at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The kids both seemed to really enjoy the show, especially the fire dancers.

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1 Response to Oahu, Hawaii – Part 1

  1. Val says:

    Beautiful!! I imagine Hawaii is always worth a repeat. Great pic of you two and I love Elle’s flower 🙂


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