Surfers Paradise, QLD

2 August 2017

Pic 2017-0802 06 Surfers Paradise (60) edit

Famed Surfers Paradise is in the heart of the Gold Coast. Most of the Gold Coast beaches appear to be excellent surfing spots. Ironically, we saw the least number of surfers in Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise appears to be the center of tourism and the party scene. They might have the largest concentration of Irish pubs outside Boston and, of course, Ireland. It’s a fun and active area with plenty of shopping and restaurants. We enjoyed the stretch of street side vendors on the Esplanade. We bought two pieces from a local artist to remember this vibrant and colorful area.

Skypoint is only a few blocks from the center of Surfers Paradise and offers views of the entire coastline and hinterland region. It is a popular tourist stop but we did not do it ourselves.

Surfers Paradise is a fun place to visit for anyone including families but it seems to have more for younger couples and single adults.

Surfers Paradise

And this flashback from last year’s trip to Ireland, a replica of the famous gate.

Pic 2017-0802 06 Surfers Paradise (53) edit

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