Armidale to Toowoomba

10 August 2017

Pic 2017-0810 05 Countryside (20) edit

We had nothing planned for today other than a long rural drive from Armidale to Toowoomba. We meandered through the countryside and enjoyed taking in the landscape. Along the way we stumbled across some little gems.

Balancing Rock Park is located just south of Stonehenge on the New England Highway, Route A15. It has a number of precariously balanced large rocks that look like they could tip over at any moment but are not going anywhere soon.

We travelled the highway north to Tenterfield making stops along the way before veering west to Texas, QLD. We were intrigued by the town’s name, having spent a family vacation in the State of Texas last year. We heard about Texas QLD in a song by an Australian country singer. It is a small rural community that sits on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. Ironically the land, ranches and town looked similar to areas of Texas.

We finally made it to Toowoomba, but too late to investigate. We will see what this town has to offer tomorrow before heading to Brisbane.

Balancing Rock Park outside Stonehenge NSW

Glen Innes Town Hall, Picnic Lunch View, and Texas QLD

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