Blackall Range

20 August 2017

Pic 2017-0820 04 Blackall Range Drive (1) edit

Today we completed the Blackall Range scenic drive between Landsborough and Nambour on Route 23. We did the northern half a few weeks ago, highlighted by Kondalilla National Park. We made several stops along the way including Mary Cairncross Park, Gardner’s Falls, Lake Baroon, Gerrads Lookout, and Mapleton Falls. Cairnscross Park provided the best single view of the Glass House Mountains. The towns of Montville and Maleny would make nice stops but we opted for a picnic lunch at Gardner’s Falls. On the drive back to Coolum Beach, we happened upon Yandina’s Street Fair where there was live music, street vendors, and amusement rides.

Pic 2017-0820 03 Glass Mtns from Cairncross (10) edit

View of the Glass House Mountains from Mary Cairncross Park

Gardner’s Falls

Mapleton Falls NP and Lake Baroon

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