Outback: Port Augusta to Coober Pedy

8 September 2017

Pic 2017-0908 01 P Agusta to Lake Hart (41) Edit

We ventured into the Outback today driving the Stuart Highway. The highway is the main artery through the heart of Australia from Darwin in the north to Port Augusta in the south. We originally had hoped to drive the entire length but one-way car hires where insanely priced. The road is in good condition. As long as you plan your fuel and bathroom breaks, there are adequate facilities along the way.

The scenery has been better than expected so far. The landscape changes subtly along the way to make it interesting and the southern portion of the trip was much greener than we had imagined. The section from Glendambo to Coober Pedy became a bit tiresome. We also found some surprises along the way.

Lake Hart was unexpected awesomeness. It appears to be a frozen lake in the middle of the desert but it’s actually a pure white salt flat. The kids loved it.  There are several other salt lakes in the area that are visible from the road.

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