Outback: Random Thoughts

7 – 15 September 2017

Pic 2017-0911 03 Erldunda to Ayers (2) Edit

We finished our trip into the Outback much the way we started it. We returned south from Ayers Rock with nights back in Coober Pedy and Adelaide before we flew back to Coolum Beach via the Brisbane Airport. The return trip took two long days of driving but we did not mind. This drive might be incredibly boring to some – especially since we just made it a week prior – but we enjoyed sitting back and absorbing our surroundings through the windshield.

When we first considered our move to Australia and the places we wanted to visit, the Red Center seemed like one of the more adventurous places to go. It was different than we had expected. It was better than we had expected.

The roads and facilities do require some planning but are not bad. There was enough traffic so that help was always available if needed. We only drove during the daylight to avoid wildlife. Based on the number of burnt out cars and recent accidents along the road, that is a good rule to follow.

Maybe as a result, we did not see as much wildlife as expected. There were free range horses, cattle, and sheep and a few wild emu and kangaroo but not the herds of kangaroos we pictured roaming the plains.

Overall our family enjoyed this trip much more than I thought they would and are looking forward to our next Aussie adventure.

You never know what you’ll find along the Stuart Highway

Pic 2017-0908 02 Lake Hart by Elle Edit

Salt Lakes can be found throughout the Outback

Pic 2017-0914 03 Road Train Edit

Road Trains can be up to 53.5 m (175 ft) long which are challenging on a 2-lane highway

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