Atherton Tablelands, QLD

6 October 2017

Today we started our trip south from Cairns through the Atherton Tablelands, a scenic area of the Great Diving Range. We visited and hiked to several lakes and waterfalls. It was a similar experience to our drive of the Waterfall Way in New South Wales.

If you like waterfalls, check out the pictures below.  The most amazing site to us was Lake Eachum.  We have never seen such clear water in a lake before.  My pictures fail to capture it adequately.

Pic 2017-1006 02 Lake Barrine (3) Edit

Lake Barrine and the Twin Bull Kauris Trees, over 50 meters tall

Pic 2017-1006 04 Lake Eachum (17) Edit

Lake Eachum and Hike

Pic 2017-1006 05 Malanda Falls (3) Edit

Malanda Falls

Three major drops of Dinner Falls in Mount Hypipamee National Park

The Crater in Mount Hypipamee National Park

Taking the road less travelled

Pic 2017-1006 10 Millaa Millaa Falls (6) Edit

Millaa Millaa Falls

Zillie Falls

Pic 2017-1006 13 Ellinjaa Falls (5) Edit

Ellinjaa Falls

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  1. Rena Wehner says:

    Wow, so beautiful!


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