Great Barrier Reef / Hardy Reef

12 October 2017

Pic 2017-1012 02 GBR Hardy Reef (13) Edit

Hardy Reef is one of the most visited spots on the Great Barrier Reef. It contains an area of coral known as Heart Reef that looks like a heart shape from above. As a result, it is considered the “Heart of the Reef”.

Heart Reef

Satellite Image courtesy Google

A pontoon is stationed at the Reef with facilities for snorkelers and divers. Its target audience is novice divers and snorkelers who want to experience the majesty of Great Barrier Reef. As a result it is a bit crowded on the pontoon but did not detract from the experience in the water as there is plenty of space for everyone. Considering it is 40 nautical miles (46 miles) into the ocean, the pontoon provided a safe environment for our family. If you are an experienced diver or are looking for solitude, this is not the place for you.

In comparison with our first adventure to the Reef at Green Island, we agreed Hardy Reef was better. Green Island has better facilities and is an easy 45 to 60-minute boat ride from shore – which are huge advantages. With no land in sight after a 3-hour boat ride each direction, Hardy Reef felt more like the Reef experience we were hoping.

No matter your experience level, we found this website to be particularly helpful in planning our visits to the Reef:

Pic 2017-1012 02 GBR Hardy Reef (36) Edit

Surrounded by Fish

Ready to go from the Hardy Reef Pontoon


Hardy Reef

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