Sydney: Harbour Bridge

17 -24 December 2017

Pic 2017-1218 03 Sydney Harbour (15) Edit

While the Sydney Opera House might be Australia’s most recognizable structure, it is hard to separate it from Harbour Bridge. They define the Harbour. A postcard view of Sydney’s skyline would be incomplete without either of them. While the Opera House might get most of the notoriety, it’s hard to argue any structure is more important than the one that connects the Central Business District to the North Shore. Modeled after New York City’s Hells Gate Bridge, Harbour Bridge opened in 1932.

We walked across the bridge to the North Shore and climbed the Southeast Pylon where there is a small museum and a nice lookout over the city. Harbour Bridge is also one of the few bridges that you can legally climb. We were excited to do it until we realized the cost. One thousand dollars ($1,000) for our family of four… and you’re not allowed to take pictures! If you look closely, you can see some of the bridge climbers in our pictures. The pylon visit was everything we wanted for $50. Brisbane and Auckland, New Zealand have a more reasonably priced climbs we might try.


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