Sydney: Watson Bay

28 December 2017

Pic 2017-1228 08 Macquarie Lighthouse (3) Edit

Our first time on a Sydney Ferry was to Watson Bay on South Head Peninsula. We walked the trails from Watson Bay up the western coastline past Camp Cove Beach to Hornby Lighthouse on the northern tip and then down the eastern coastline through Gap Bluff and Dunbar Head to Macquarie Lighthouse. It is a scenic walk. Both lighthouses were nice but I wouldn’t say they are must see local attractions. The shoreline’s beaches and steep rock faces around the peninsula made the hike worthwhile.

If you go, beware that Lady Bay Beach is clothing optional, but unlike most nude beaches it is not shielded from view. In fact, the busy walking path goes right past the beach with all its users standing proud in plain sight. Parents were frantically shielding their children’s eyes for the entire stretch. At the very least, the City ought to install signs warning visitors what is ahead. I recommend installing some exercise equipment, most of the beachgoers we saw shouldn’t be so proud.


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