7 January 2018

Pic 2018-0107 01 Geelong (7) Edit

On our first full day in Melbourne, we did not rush into the CBD. Instead we took time to visit the local train station and get myki transportation cards so we’d be ready for the next morning. We took the afternoon to visit Geelong, a little over an hour’s drive from Melbourne. I was particularly interested. When we were making plans to move to Australia and thought we might live in the Melbourne area, Geelong was one of the areas we considered.

Geelong is located on Corio Bay about 47 miles (75 km) southwest of Melbourne’s CBD and at less than 200,000 residents is the second most populated city in Victoria. The city center and shoreline are busy and a nice place to visit. We enjoyed lunch at one of the street cafes with a view of the bay. There must have been a classic car show nearby. It was an added treat to see dozens of classics cruising up and down the Esplanade.


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