Great Ocean Road – Part 2 (Apollo Bay to Port Campbell)

18 January 2018

Pic 2018-0118 12 Twelve Apostles (57) Edit

The stretch from Apollo Bay to Princetown is largely inland through rolling pastures. Just beyond the town of Princetown, our patience was rewarded when we finally arrived at one of Australia’s most iconic views. The Twelve Apostles is the best known and most photographed attraction along the Great Ocean Road. They are limestone rock formations that rise out of the ocean along the shoreline. Despite the name, there were only nine limestone stacks at the time they were named in the early 1900’s. Today there are eight. One fell in 2005.

We found the first two after climbing down the Gibson Steps to the beach. It was an unusually hot day and there was layer of fog hugging the shoreline. All of the formations can be viewed from above near the Twelve Apostles Visitors Center.

Our last stop was the Lord Ard Gorge viewing platforms before we headed to Port Campbell to get dinner and spend the night. Port Campbell, a great little coastal town, is an ideal location to visit the sites along the Great Ocean Road. From the Twelve Apostles to the Bay of Islands, Port Campbell is in the center of Great Ocean Road’s greatest hits.

Twelve Apostles

Pic 2018-0118 13 Loch Ard Gorge (3) Edit

Lord Ard Gorge

Port Campbell

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