Grampians National Park – Part 2

20 January 2018

Pic 2018-0120 01 Grampians Pinnacle (86) Edit

The next day we spent exploring Grampians National Park including The Pinnacle via the Wonderland Trail, Boroka Lookout, Mackenzie Falls, and Reed Lookout.

The Pinnacle was a strenuous hike but well worth the effort. We were careful to do this in the morning before it got too hot. Mackenzie Falls was a popular spot despite the steep stair pathway. Boroka Lookout and Reed Lookout were easy walks from nearby car parks that provided vast panoramic views.

The Pinnacle

Pic 2018-0120 02 Grampians Boroka Lookout (2) Edit

Boroka Lookout

Mackenzie Falls

Pic 2018-0120 05 Grampians Reed Lookout (10) Edit

Reed Lookout

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