Exploring Tasmania

27 March 2018

TAS map 2

Before we got serious about moving to Australia, I had no idea where in the world Tasmania was. If you asked me, I might have said Africa – that’s Tanzania by the way. I grew up watching the Tasmanian Devil in cartoons but did not realize it was real. In my defense, Tasmaina is on the other side of the world and at the bottom of the Land Down Under. The next stop south is Antarctica.

Tasmania, or Tassie as they call it, is an island state seperated from mainland Australia by the Bass Straight, directly south of Victoria. When we arrived in Australia, Tassie was often described as similar to New Zealand but not quite as scenic, something of a backhanded compliment. How could we come this far and not see it for ourselves?

Today we flew from Brisbane to Launceston with a short layover in Sydney. Coming into to the Launceston Airport, I was surprised at how little I saw. Green farm land in every direction. Was this Australia or Iowa?

We had a busy day planned so after arrival and getting our vehicle, we immediately headed to the nearest grocery store to stock up and drove west about 2 1/2 hours to Cradle Mountain. The sun set as we approached the mountains so it was pitch black as we snaked up narrow roads through what we could only imagine was a missed opportunity to take in the mountain scenery.

We are hoping to see Tasmanian devils, platypus and wombats on this trip.

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