Freycinet National Park – Cape Tourville

4 April 2018

Pic 2018-0404 05 Freycinet NP Cape Tourville (12) Edit

Freycinet National Park is at the middle of Tasmania’s East Coast. The park is known for its mountains, rugged coastline, and beautiful beaches. We spent our first afternoon here taking a few short hikes. This is another place where my amatuer photography cannot do justice.

The Cape Tourville Lighthouse Trail provides wonderful views of the cape and Carp Bay on the eastern coast. Wallabies looking for an easy meal greet visitors at the car park. The trail is short, easy, and definitely worth the 6 km drive off the main park road.

The Sleepy Bay and Little Gravelly Beach Trailhead is also on Cape Tourville Road. The trail only takes 30 minutes but we spent twice that walking along the rocky beach.

Cape Tourville Lighthouse (left), Little Gravelly Beach rocks (top right), Mount Parsons (center right), and Sleepy Bay (bottom right)

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