Cataract Gorge

8 April 2018

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Memorable cities and towns have something that sets them apart from the rest. Launceston has the incredible Cataract Gorge and surrounding parks and trails. Best of all, they are only a short walk from the city’s central business district.

The gorge straddles South Esk River near the junction of Tamar River. Walking trails on the north side and hiking trails on the south take you from King’s Bridge in town to Alexandra Suspension Bridge at the First Basin. Cataract Gorge Reserve at First Basin has nice park facilites including a cafe, pool and playground. It also has the world’s longest single span chairlift for added viewpoints of the river and gorge. Oh and did I forget to mention the peacocks? Dozens of them hangout around the cafe enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Further along the river’s southside, hiking trails take you to Sentinel Lookout and Duck Reach Power Station.

On the southside of King’s Bridge is Penny Royal, a great nook of cafes, bars and accomodations with a waterfall, cliff walks, climbing wall, and small rides. We ate lunch outside at neighboring King’s Bridge Bar.

Not just a fantastic place to spend time while in Launceston, Cataract Gorge and surrounding areas are a reason to come to Launceston. We loved it!

Cataract Gorge

Penny Royal

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