Blue Mountains NP – Katoomba

23 – 26 April 2018

Pic 2018-0424 13 Blue Mtn Echo Point (3) Edit

Three Sisters

Katoomba is the Blue Mountains’ center of tourism and your best option for food and supplies. We spent the majority of two days there along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. The first day we started at Echo Point which provides access to an amazing lookout over Federal Pass and the Three Sisters, several trailheads, and Visitor’s Center. We walked the Three Sisters Track and most of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

The second day in town we spent at Scenic World. Scenic Walkway is a nice boardwalk pathway through the forest and, if nature isn’t interesting enough for you, they have art installations throughout the walk and some exhibits about the area’s mining origins. Beside the boardwalk paths, Scenic World has fun transportation. Scenic Skyway takes you from rim to rim of the cliff walk and gives nice views from mid-air. Scenic Cableway and Scenic Railway take you up and down to the valley boardwalk below. Scenic Railway, the world’s steepest railway, was the family favorite. At times it felt like you were facing straight down! Scenic World is a popular stop and was a fun day but there is something conflicting about commercializing a natural wonder to this degree.

Whether you’re a local city dweller spending a weekend in the bush or a day-tripping tourist hunting a selfie, Katoomba’s postcard views are easy and convenient. If you are looking for quiet in nature, the Blue Mountains have plenty of other options.

Prince Henry Cliff Walk


Scenic World

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