Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture

12 July 2019

Pic 2019-0712 07 Seattle Museum of Pop Culture (82) e2

The Museum of Pop Culture just sounded cool and looked cool, so we went and loved it! We spent a lot more time there than we planned but everyone in the family, different ages and interests, found something they were genuinely interested.

In our first trip to Seattle in 1999 we saw the Experience Music Project Museum being built at the base of the Space Needle. EMP was founded by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft and former owner of the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers, and opened in 2000. The building was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. EMP changed its name to the Museum of Pop Culture or MoPOP for short. I loved the Nirvana and Pearl Jam exhibits. Other favorites included the Horror Movie exhibit, Science Fiction exhibit and Sound Lab.

Center Piece (top left), The Terminator (top right), and Pearl Jam’s Recording Set (bottom)

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