South Bend, Indiana

13 July 2020

Pic 2020-0713 05 Univ Notre Dame (62) er

After driving from Raleigh to Columbus, it was time to get more mileage under our belts.  Today we drove to South Bend, Indiana.  Around mid-day we stopped in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the state’s second largest city.  I had allotted 2 hours to see the town and get lunch.  Frankly we couldn’t find much to do so we grabbed lunch to go and got back on the road.  When we arrived in South Bend, I must say we were similarly unimpressed.  The town has some character but far from the revitalized hustle and bustle I was expecting from Mayor Pete.  The University of Notre Dame on the other hand was impressive, one of the nicest college campuses we’ve visited.  The campus’ architecture is consistent, the grounds are well manicured, and the layout is spacious with plenty of green spaces.  We’re not a fan of the Irish in sports but their campus is top notch.

University of Notre Dame

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