Glasgow, Scotland

Pic 2016-0622 02 Glasgow City Chambers Area (9) edit2

22 June 2016: Scotland’s Largest City

After seeing Scotland’s countryside yesterday, we thought we’d check out its largest city, Glasgow. We parked near the shops of Buchanan Street and took a walking tour of the city. The city is the third largest in the U.K. but it lacks many tall buildings like you might find in other countries. Our exploration included the City Chambers in George Square, the University of Strathclyde, the Glasgow Cathedral, and the Necropolis. The Necropolis is a cemetery that sits on a hill overlooking Glasgow. Besides the views it provides of the surrounding city and the Cathedral, the monuments and intricate grave stones are worth a visit. A monument to John Know, the founder of the Presbyterian denomination in Scotland, prominently sits atop the hill.

Overall we liked Glasgow. It was manageable for us to get around despite its size and had some interesting character mixed with the modern influences of a growing modern city. We would have liked to spend more time here but it was time to head back to Edinburgh to explore its downtown area.

Downtown Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis

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