Edinburgh Castle

Pic 2016-0622 09 Edinburgh City (110) edit

22 – 23 June 2016: Center of the Old Town

We got to the castle too late last night, it had just closed. Cole was disappointed and we went to Plan B. The next day after our hike up to Arthur’s Seat and lunch, we went straight to the castle. We put him in charge of the map and leading our exploration of the complex. He was determined to see every last square-foot. We all enjoyed the castle but none more than Cole. No matter how much our feet hurt from the morning hike or how tired we were from walking up the Royal Mile, we were going to see – it – all. The Edinburgh Castle has a lot to see. Besides the views of the city below, it has several museums and plenty of the history of Scotland. If you are going to visit only one place in Edinburgh, this is a must see.

Edinburgh Castle

Pic 2016-0622 09 Edinburgh City (140)

Castle Selfie (would be better if my giant head wasn’t blocking it!)

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