EU Referendum – Brexit!



24 June 2016: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom voted on a referendum to remain in the European Union or leave (aka Brexit). On 24 June 2016, it was determined that they would leave. Soon after their Prime Minister, David Cameron, announces he will step down by October. New reports flood in on local TV and radio that the British stocks and currency were taking a beating; Scotland might go to a referendum vote to gain independence and rejoin the EU; Northern Ireland might go to a referendum vote to merge with the Republic of Ireland; and Spain might want to have more involvement with Gibraltar. Some refer to it as their new Independence Day. Others worry about the collapse of the British economy and the domino fall of the remaining EU. Today was truly a historic day for the United Kingdom. Only time will tell if it is the start of something positive or not.

We have no right to take a stance one way or another; however we wish our brothers good luck and root for their success. If nothing else it was an extremely interesting day to listen to talk radio as we drove from Edinburgh to Sheffield.

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