Eastern Coast

Pic 2016-0624 01 Scotland East Coast (1) edit

24 June 2016: Durham and York

We got a late start this morning leaving Edinburgh. We headed east toward the coast (pictured above) and then south through our last bits of Scotland and into England. We made stops in Durham and York.

Durham’s main attraction is the Durham Cathedral. It is being refurbished so the top of it is encapsulated in white plastic as you can see below. The town center was nice and made for a good place to take a walk and grab some fish and chips for lunch. We got an extra kick out of Durham University. We live near Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. We were tempted to buy a Durham University t-shirt just to see if we’d get a reaction back home.

York’s main attraction is the York Minster. The town center is a great place to spend some time. The York Minster is an impressive structure that pictures can better describe although I don’t think they capture just how large it is. Similar to Durham’s Cathedral, they are doing some construction on it as well.

We ended our day in Sheffield where we checked in and ate dinner. Tomorrow we move more inland as we get closer to London.



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