Shake Shack – London

30 June 2016

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. During our December 2015 trip to NYC, we stumbled across a burger and shake place that we all liked, especially Elle. She loved it so much so we ate at a few of them believing it is a small New York City chain and we would not be back anytime soon.

Pic 2016-0401 NYC Shack Shack

In March 2016, we took a trip to Texas and found the only two Shake Shack’s in Texas, both in Austin.

 Pic 2016-0401 05 Dinner (3)

And to our surprise and Elle’s delight, we found Shake Shack in Covent Garden, London. It appears they are expanding (

Pic 2016-0630 27 London Shake Shack (2)

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