Legoland Windsor

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28 June 2016: Lego Wonderland

In 2014 we took the kids to Legoland in Winterhaven, Florida. Both love Legos, especially my son. It had only opened three years prior to our visit and the Lego Hotel was under construction. The kids loved the park. We thought it was nice but not nearly as professional and organized as the Disney parks.

After the kids endured waiting in The Queue at Wimbledon for 6 hours, we thought they deserved a day for them. Legoland Windsor is celebrating its 20th year. This park was comparable to Florida but much better run. The Mini-City and Star Wars displays were particularly impressive, if you like that type of thing. The parks rides are relatively tame and while it is for kids of all ages, ours seemed to be at the top end of their target audience. The weather was good through most of the day but the rain started to come down for the last hour.

Dinner was at Toby Carvery, a nice restaurant chain, with a selection of hand carved meats and vegetables. It was some of the better food we have had on our trip and a change from the typical pub menus. Tomorrow we head into to the city center of London for a few days.


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