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Pic 2016-0702 03 Stonehenge (1)

2 July 2016: Stonehenge

Sadly it was time to leave London. Getting out of the city on a Saturday was much easier than getting in on a Wednesday but it still took awhile.  Once we got outside the congestion, we hit the open roads south and west to Milford-on-the-Sea, which as you might guess is on the coast near the Isle of Wight.

Theoretically Milford provides a viewing point of The Needles without travelling all the way to the Isle of Wight. We would have liked to see the island as well but we couldn’t do it all this trip.  Thinking we would have a nice view of The Needles from Milford we made our way to the coast and started walking along the bank.  The funny thing about pictures is while they might be worth a thousand words they might not be all the words you need.  If our pictures give the impression of a sunny calm day, don’t be misled.  The wind was cold and as strong as I’ve felt in a long time, keeping us off balance as we walked.  The view of The Needles was mediocre with a zoom lens and binoculars.  We laughed and enjoyed the conditions but it was not at all what I was expecting.

Next we headed north and west to the one and only Stonehenge. Cole was particularly excited as this was on his must-see list.  I had read reviews and friends had said this stop was skippable.  For some it probably is not worth the time and money, but for us, we love this stuff.  If it is famous, we want to be there and we want a picture to prove it!  If Stonehenge is your thing, it is a quick stop and just kind of cool.  If not, you can literally drive by and see it at a distance from the road for free and move on to more exciting adventures.

We ended our day outside Bristol. Due to the mix up in our flights at the beginning of the trip, we had to cut a day from our itinerary while in England.  Instead of staying a second night in Bristol and exploring the Roman Baths in the town of Bath or the cities of Bristol and Cardiff, we had to keep going the next morning.  We tried to get to Bath for a quick tour in the evening but we ran late all day.  If you ever are in the area, Bath sounds like it is worth a visit.  Maybe next time.

Milford on Sea


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