Pic 2016-0703 02 Southern Wales (40)

3 July 2016: Snowdonia National Park

We started our trip watching the opening ceremonies for the Euro in Dublin. I have watched more football/soccer during this trip than in my previous life combined.  It was neat to be in Ireland when both Ireland and Northern Ireland advanced out of group play, interesting to hear the fallout on sports radio when England dropped out early in the elimination round, and to watch underdog Wales advance but ultimately lose to the host country of France.  The kids have collected 5 soccer balls from some of their favorite places.

Unfortunately our time in Wales was brief but quite enjoyable. The highlight was Snowdonia National Park.  We would have liked to spend more time here.  The scenery was equal to that of Scotland.

We completed our day like we started Great Britain at the same hotel outside Manchester. For fun we went to the same restaurant we ate at both nights previously in the Manchester area.  With some late night showering and packing, we are ready for an extremely early flight home.

Southern Wales

Northern Wales and Snowdonia NP

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