Dolphin Marine Magic

8 August 2017

Pic 2017-0808 01 Dolphin Marine Magic (1) edit

Dolphin Marine Magic is a small but wonderful place in Coffs Harbour. It is open from 9 AM to 3 PM but you can easily do everything there is to do in half that time. It does not look too impressive from the street but the facility is not the attraction, it’s the residents. The kids absolutely loved it! They got to interact with dolphins, seals, penguins, sea turtles, and a variety of fish. You can pet and get kisses from dolphins and seals. They offer additional packages for even better access, such as swimming with the dolphins, but we did not do any of that. We were unsure if we wanted to do it but are glad we did.



Pic 2017-0808 01 Dolphin Marine Magic (228) edit


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