Diggers Beach, NSW

7 August 2017

Pic 2017-0807 03 Aanuka Beach (66) edit

We spent two nights at Aanuka Beach Resort on the north side of Coffs Harbour. The resort has direct access to Diggers Beach. It is a quiet place to relax and enjoy the ocean.

The beach is bounded be outcrops on the north and south. To the north is Little Diggers Beach. The kids love to climb the rocks so they made their way to the top to see the inlet on the other side. They got more than expected. Little Diggers is a nude beach. Needless to say, they’ve been giggling about it ever since.


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1 Response to Diggers Beach, NSW

  1. Rena Wehner says:

    Well you wanted the trip to be educational, so it looks like that is happening in more ways than expected. Too funny.


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