Fremantle, WA

5 to 11 November 2017

Pic 2017-1105 04 Fremantle Edit

We spent the first 6 nights of our Western Australia trip in Fremantle, a port city on the south side of Perth. It proved to be an excellent location for the activities we had planned. Fremantle, or Freo as the locals call it, is a busy place with an active nightlife. Our hotel was across from the Esplanade Park and a short walk in any direction to good restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Besides all Fremantle has to offer, it was also ideal as a transportation hub. The Fremantle Train Line provided easy connections to Perth and other surrounding communities. The harbour provided an easy connection to the Rottnest Island Ferry.

Adding to the excitement, the Rugby League World Cup is being hosted by venues in Australia. The English team is staying in our hotel. My wife and son met Jimmy Graham. He plays in the NRL and was the Canterbury Bulldogs captain last season. He is considered one of the elite players in the sport. Since we are new to NRL, he had to introduce himself which probably doesn’t happen too often.

Fremantle Town Hall (left), Esplanade Hotel (top right), and Fisherman Memorial

Sky Ride Ferris Wheel in Esplanade Park

Pic 2017-1109 01 Fremantle Esplanade (9) Edit

Bon Scott Statue

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1 Response to Fremantle, WA

  1. Rena Wehner says:

    Looks like yet another great spot. Really like the architecture. The hotel looks like it is historical.


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