Perth – Day 1

6 November 2017

Pic 2017-1108 08 Perth War Memorial (4) Edit 2

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. With a population over 2 million, it is the fourth largest Australian city and roughly equal to Houston, Texas. Perth is the only major city on the west coast. While it is a large metropolitan area, it is isolated from the other major cities. It would take 28 hours of driving to reach the next closest major city, Adelaide. We took a 5 hour flight from Brisbane on the east coast. We could have flown to New Zealand in only 3 hours. Despite the isolation, the city is growing quickly. The skyline is filled with construction cranes.

Perth might be our favorite capital city Australia. On our first full day in Western Australia, we took the train from Fremantle to the city center. We took a walking tour of the central business district, Elizabeth Quay, Langley Park, St. Georges and Adelaide Terrace, and the Cultural Centre. The city is well planned despite the Swan River snaking through its heart. The commuter train system is excellent, clean and easy to navigate.

St. Georges Terrace Area

Elizabeth Quay featuring the Bell Tower

East Perth

Pic 2017-1106 09 Perth Nostalgia Box (5) Edit

Playing Pong! at Nostalgia Box Museum

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