Joondalup Kaleidoscope Festival

9 November 2017

Pic 2017-1109 06 Joondalup Festival (2) Edit

Joondalup is a suburban town north of Perth. We were lucky enough to be here during their second annual Kaleidoscope Festival. It was an amazing free festival with a variety of light art installations, activities, food, music and live performances. We became interested when we heard Fantastic Planet would be on display.

Fantastic Planet is a light art installation that includes two 40 foot tall humanoid figures. It was designed by an Australian artist, Amanda Parer with a studio in Tasmania. We were fortunate to see Intrude in 2016 at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Intrude was comprised of 5 large rabbit figures. We enjoyed her work then and enjoyed it again today.

The festival was our second impressive light art experience in Australia. Earlier this year we saw Field of Light near Ayers Rock.

My amateur photography could not capture the amazing displays of light, but here are a few attempts.

Kaleidoscope Festival 2017

Fantastic Planet 2017

Intrude at NC Museum of Art 2016

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  1. Rena Wehner says:

    So cool!


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