Penguin Island, WA

10 November 2017

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Penguin Island is a small island included in the Shoalwater Islands off the coast of Rockingham. It hosts a small colony of Little Penguins, also known as Blue Penguins. The Discovery Center cares for rescued penguins and provides an up close look at the notoriously shy bird. The island is also home to a variety of sea birds. So many birds in fact, the island has heavily stained boardwalks and a distinct smell.

We took an adventure cruise that included a tour of the Shoalwater Islands and views of wildlife including dolphins and sea lions. The dolphins enjoyed swimming in the wake of the boat, jumping with the waves. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing them in the wild.

The cruise dropped us off on the island where we spent time snorkeling, swimming and walking the island’s boardwalks and beaches.


Wildlife including Sea Lions, Pelicans and Osprey

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Little Penguins also known as Blue or Fairy Penguins

Shoalwater Islands

Penguin Island Beaches

Pic 2017-1110 02 Penguin Island (78) Edit

Birds, birds, and more birds

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  1. These are some of my favorite pics! I’m not sure whether to trace your travels or sit back and indulge in your album! Great work/play!


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