Sydney: Bondi Beach

23 December 2017

Pic 2017-1223 02 Bondi Coastal Walk (55) Edit

On Saturday we visited the famed Bondi Beach. While there we walked the Coastal Walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach and back, did some shopping, and hit the beach. The place was packed. Bondi is a nice beach and easy to access from Sydney using public transportation. I think it is famous more for being popular than being one of Australia’s best. We’ve seen some amazing beaches in our travels. Bondi is easy to access by Sydney’s public transportation system and therefore is a hub of activity. If you like the excitement of crowds or are limited to public transportation while visiting, Bondi is a nice option. If you are looking for a quiet family beach, you might need to get further from the city center.

Coastal Walk

Pic 2017-1223 02 Bondi Coastal Walk (58) Edit

Tamarama Beach



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