Sydney: Sydney Harbour

17 -24 December 2017

Pic 2017-1219 03 Harbour Bridge (52) Edit

Sydney Harbour is famous as a tourist destination to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, however it actually serves as an important transportation hub. Passenger ships of all shapes and sizes, from mega cruise ships to small water taxis, buzz in and out of the harbor. Even though the city has a well developed light rail system, ferries are still a dominate way to reach the northern shores. Cruise ships bring a constant barrage of tourists to the harbors attractions and feed its many restaurants and shops. From early morning to late night, the harbor is busy with activity.

The harbor is not only a hub for maritime transportation. The Harbour Bridge is the most visible roadway connecting North Sydney and the CBD, however heavily travelled M1 Motorway passes below via the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. The Harbour is also well connected by commuter trains, buses, and taxis.


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