Melbourne: Graffiti Capital of Australia

6 – 31 January 2018

Pic 2018-0108 01 Melbourne CBD (160) Edit

Melbourne has a reputation for art of all kinds including some prominent street art. Well done street art has become a tourist attraction in itself. While it does not always appeal to me, it does add color to an otherwise bland urban landscape. We enjoyed seeing some of the areas dedicated to this kind of art. Hosier Lane, the most famous area in the CBD, is not alone. AC/DC Lane was our favorite. Unfortunately, graffiti style art is only a small portion of the graffiti found in the city and its suburbs.

Graffiti is so prevalent throughout that it must be accepted at some level by the people of Melbourne. As a first time visitor I must say it makes an immediate impression. It was disappointing.

There is a rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne in their effort to be seen as the preeminent Australian city. They are almost equal in size. Sydney is similar to a North American city. Melbourne is more European. Sydney has the Opera House. Melbourne has the Australian Open. Sydney has better beaches. Melbourne has better sports teams. Sydney has more sunny days. Melbourne gets less rain. Ask an Australian and they seem to be divided as to which is better. Both cities are fantastic, but if Melbourne ever wants to be recognized as the country’s leading city it needs to clean up its act.

An endless stream of graffiti throughout the city gives the impression Melbourne is dirty and unsafe. It is so rampant visitors can only conclude the community doesn’t care or the local government has lost control. Either way it cripples the city’s curb appeal. Australia has so many beautiful places to visit and most of them have not been defaced with illegible tags by talentless thugs.

Street Art including Hosier and AC/DC Lanes

Malcom Young Tribute in AC/DC Lane

Endless Graffiti cannot be avoided throughout the City

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