Fjordland National Park – Part 3

22 – 23 February 2018

Pic 2018-0222 11 Fjordland NP (35) Edit

Fjordland National Park is impressive. We saw visitors from all over the globe, so I had to ask myself – where does Fjordland National Park rank amonst other comparable places? As Americans, we have traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada. I cannot rank Fjordland higher than the Canadian Rockies or the Grand Tetons / Yellowstone; however it is a special place. While we have enjoyed our travels throughout New Zealand, I don’t think you could find a more worthwhile place to visit in this beautiful country.

Pic 2018-0222 16 Eglinton Valley (7) Edit

Pic 2018-0223 01 Fjordland NP (7) Edit

Eglinton Valley

Pic 2018-0223 06 Fjordland NP (14) Edit

Pic 2018-0222 11 Fjordland NP (22) Edit

Lookouts throughout the Park

Pic 2018-0222 15 Mirror Lakes (13) Edit

Mirror Lakes – a bit of false advertising, it barely qualifies as a lake and you cannot see the mountain’s reflection but it is still a beautiful vista

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