Fjordland National Park – Part 2

22 – 23 February 2018

Pic 2018-0222 01 Milford Sound Foreshore (36) Edit

Milford Sound is the end of the Te Anau-Milford Highway. If you want to go any further, you’ll need to take any number of trails, boats, airplanes, or helicopters that are available. We had hoped to take a boat tour of the Sound but lost a day to rain. Instead we limited ourselves to two short walks. The Milford Sound Foreshore Track is a park highlight. The Milford Sound Lookout Track is a short walk to a lookout tht gives you the same view as the previous walk but further away. It wasn’t worth our time. The reason we took it was my fault.

When I was researching and planning our trip, I read that Donald Sutherland’s grave site was on the trail, which it is. The problem with my half-baked research was Donald Sutherland, the actor, is not dead. Donald Sutherland, the area’s founding father and longtime resident, is. I thought it would be intersting to see the grave of a Hollywood legend. We were less interested in the other.

Pic 2018-0222 02 Milford Lookout (2) Edit

Milford Sound Lookout Track

Pic 2018-0223 07 Marian Falls (3) Edit

Pic 2018-0223 08 River at Marian Falls (20) Edit

Marian Falls and River


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