Montezuma Falls and Hogarth Falls

29 March 2018

Pic 2018-0329 02 Montezuma Falls (2) Edit

From Cradle Mountain we continued our trek counter-clockwise around Tasmania. Our first stop was an hour drive south and west to Rosebery. A few miles past Rosebery there is a turn off the highway to Williamsford, the site of an old abandoned mining community. The pothole-filled 6 km long road leads to the Montezuma Falls trailhead. The trail is 8 km out and back which took us about 2 hours 45 minutes with several stops. The hike was easy and well worth the effort. The trail parallels above the Ring River and travels through quiet rain forest along an old tramway route. Montezuma Falls, named after the Montezuma Silver Mining Company, falls over 100 meters.

Pic 2018-0329 02 Montezuma Falls (56) Edit

Pic 2018-0329 02 Montezuma Falls (62) Edit

Continuing another hour south and west toward the coast, we made our second stop in Strahan at Peoples Park and Hogarth Falls trail head. This walk was an easy 30 minutes. Hogarth Falls are less impressive than Montezuma but with only a short walk required, it was worth stopping.

Pic 2018-0329 04 Hogarth Falls (12) Edit

We ended the day in Queenstown, a small mining town in western Tasmania. We planned to take the West Coast Wilderness Railway trip tomorrow morning; however the weather is not going to cooperate. There is not much else to do here if we cannot enjoy the outdoors so we will be hitting the road again.

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