Mount Field National Park

30 March 2018

Pic 2018-0330 03 Mt Field Horseshoe Falls (4) Edit

With rain following us throughout Tasmania, we abandoned our plans in Queenstown and headed to Hobart a day early. We also came to understand Aussies take Good Friday serious. I did not realize most stores and restaurants would be closed when planning our travels. The rain continued to pour in the morning so we did not make our first planned stop at Nelson Falls, only 30 minutes east of Queenstown. Closed on Good Friday, we could not make our second planned stop at The Wall (in the Wilderness) in Derwent Bridge. After a morning in the rain the skies cleared just in time for our most anticipated stop.

Mount Field National Park is in south-central Tasmania, about a 90-minute drive west of Hobart. We hiked the Three Falls Trail in about 2 hours. The highlights of the trail included Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Lady Baron Falls and the Tall Trees Track. The swamp gum trees are the second largest trees in the world, second only to California’s Redwoods. The park is a popular stop that made for a another great day.

We finished the day in Hobart where we will spend the next few days.

Pic 2018-0330 02 Mt Field Russell Falls (5) Edit

Russell Falls

Pic 2018-0330 03 Mt Field Horseshoe Falls (6) Edit

Horseshoe Falls

Pic 2018-0330 05 Mt Field Lady Baron Falls (21) Edit

Lady Baron Falls

Pic 2018-0330 06 Mt Field 3 Falls Trail (9) Edit

Pic 2018-0330 04 Mt Field Tall Trees Trail (21) Edit

Tall Trees Walk


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