Canberra, Australia’s Capital City – Part 3

17 May 2018

On our last full day in Canberra, we decided to travel like locals and rented bicycles. We peddled 25 km on the paved trails around Lake Burley Griffin. The bike paths are a great way to see the city. We did not rent a car so they gave us a fun way to expand our travel limits. Along the way we found several spots we wish we could have spent more time.

Canberra might be less exciting than larger Australian cities, however it also has less traffic, crime and unemployment. It might not make the top ten places to holiday but it seems like a great place to work and raise a family. In those ways it reminded me of our home town of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Australian-American “The Eagle” War Memorial (top left), National Carillon (top right), Beijing Garden (middle right), and Bike Trails (bottom left and right)

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