Return to Adelaide

4 -6 July 2018

After a few days on Kangaroo Island we returned to Adelaide. We first visited Adelaide in September as part of our epic road trip into the Red Center. With some experience in the area we decided to stay in Glenelg, a suburb on the coast with a direct tram to Adelaide’s city center. We spent the first day enjoying Glenelg and recovering from a rough Kangaroo Island ferry ride across choppy seas.

Rested and feeling better we spent the next day at some of our favorite places in Adelaide, starting of course at Central Market.  I did not spend too much time taking pictures in the city since we had been here before.  They are posted at Adelaide (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Gardens and Museum) and Glenelg.

The highlight of our return visit was supposed to be Mount Lofty and Waterfall Gully. We did enjoy them both but fog limited our views of the city from Mount Lofty and wet weather prevented us from hiking the Waterfall Gully trail. It was a risk we took coming during winter.

Despite questionalbe weather during both our visits, we rather liked Adelaide. It might not be a tourist hot spot but certainly a nice place to raise a family.

Pic 2018-0706 02 Waterfall Gully (12) edit

Waterfall Gully

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