Fraser Island

22 July 2018

Pic 2018-0722 03 Fraser Island Lake McKenzie (42) edit

Fraser Island is a popular tourist destination, one that is commonly found on top Aussie tourism lists. Located between the Great Barrier Reef and Sunshine Coast, Fraser is the largest natural sand island in the world and just over a 2 hour drive from our apartment in Coolum Beach. We took a quick two day trip to Hervey Bay to see Fraser Island and go whale watching.

The island is accessible from two ferries, one at River Heads outside Hervey Bay and one at Inskip near Rainbow Beach. The only roads are rough sandy trails and beaches so it can only be tranversed with high ground clearance 4-wheel drives by someone with experience. It looked like a fun challenge but for this newbie, I opted to take one of the 4WD bus tours.

We only had time for the one day tour although 2, 3 and 7 day packages were available. The one day trip was perfect for anyone who wants a taste of Fraser’s rugged beauty. We got to experience the island and see the most visited spots without having to worry about getting bogged in the sand. The bus ride was fun but rough on our necks. The tour included stops at Lake McKenzie, 75 Mile Beach, Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek, Central Station, The Pinnacles, and Eurong Resort for lunch.

Frazer Island was one of our favorite days in Australia. For a tourist, it provides a uniquely Aussie experience. For locals, it is a great resource to escape everyday life and enjoy its natural beauty.

Lake McKenzie

Maheno Shipwreck and The Pinnacles on 75 Mile Beach

Mouth of Wanggoolba Creek near ferry landing (top left), sand roads (bottom left), and crystal clear stream water near Central Station

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